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‘The LEE-ENFIELD’ Skennerton 
A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines. Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 608 pp, 1,200+ illust., dust jacket, 2007.
ISBN 978 0 949749 82 6.
The final, updated successor to ‘British Service Lee’ and 'Lee-Enfield Story'. New chapters include Serial Numbers, Hybrids, Components Evolution, Ammunition, &c. Enlarged index, new book also has red, white & blue ribbon page markers.  US$79.50, A$99.50, plus p&p

'The BROAD ARROW Mk 2’ Skennerton 
British & Empire Factory Production, Proof, Inspection, Armourers, Unit & Issue Markings. 
11 x 8 in., 162 pp, 120+ illust., 2020.
ISBN 0 949749 43 5.
Thousands of service markings illustrated, for rifles, muskets, pistols, edged weapons, &c. Invaluable reference on unit markings, for medal collectors too.
Limp cover, colour plates. Presentation hard cover numbered edition of 303 copies available too.
pb US$50.00  A$70.00, Pres. hc US$ $100  A$135.00

‘The LEE-ENFIELD’ Skennerton 
A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines. Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 608 pp, 1,200+ illust., dust jacket, 2007. ISBN 978 0 949749 82 6. PRESENTATION COPY
Few copies remaining only in North America now. 303 numbered copies produced with gold page edging, leatherette cover with gold block embossing, comes in a slip case with jacket, autographed and sealed in plastic. 
US$160.00, A$185.00, plus p&p

'BRITISH SMALL ARMS OF W.W. 2’ Skennerton   LOW STOCK, few also left in USA
The Complete Reference Guide to Weapons, Maker’s Codes & 1936-1946 Contracts. 
Hard cover w/ dust jacket, 9 x 6 in., 110 pages, 36 illustrations, 1988. ISBN 0 949749 09 5.
An invaluable reference extracted from Ministry of Supply ledgers and Pattern Room library. 
US$40.00, A$50.00 plus p&p.  Now Out of Print

New Pocket book.  Skennerton 
Limp cover, 8 in. x 4 in., 48 pp, 65 illust., 2008. ISBN 978 0 949749 89 5.
Two-colour print, pocket-book, ready reference out & about. With chapters on Ready Identification, Where to Buy, Condition Essentials, Accessories, Fakes, Markings, Serial Nos, Production Figures, Using the Internet, Collecting or Shooting, &c. A$30.00, US$25.00, plus p&p. Now Out of Print

Soft cover, 11 x 8 in., 46 pp, 140 illust,, 2023
ISBN 0 949749 35 4.
Except for some articles by Rick Landers and Paul Breakey in our 'Collector' quarterlies and annuals, there has never been such a dedicated reference book. Service 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch models and various marks are described along with the cartridges, accessories and Schermurly line throwers.
A$40.00, US$30.00 plus p&p

Catalogued Encyclopedia of Collective Pistols & Revolvers.  Hayes & Skennerton 
Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 592 pp, 3,550 colour illust., dust jacket, 2007. ISBN 978 0 949749 83 3.
This full-colour presentation is arranged from A-Z... Australasia, British, Colt, Demonstration Cut-away, Enfield, Free Western Europe, Germanic, High Standard, Italy, &c. to Zuid Afrik Republic.  US$25.00, A$30.00, plus p&p

An International Guide, Edition of 2023'

Compiled by Paul Fowkes, edited with Ian Skennerton  
Hard & soft covers, 11 x 8 in., 144 pp, 2,000+ illust., 2023. ISBN 978-0-6455557-0-7.
A 'must have' for antique, military and sporting firearms owners and collectors, an international scope. Australian and British sections also have more details which add to the 'The Broad Arrow Mk 2'.
US$65.00, A$80.00, plus p&p  
British Service Longarms, 1866-c.1880. 
Hard cover, 9 x 6 in., 240 pp, 8 colour plates, 100 illust., dust jacket, 2003. ISBN 0 949749 47 8. Britain's first breech-loader converted from Enfield muskets, then new-made with Mk III breech shoe. Trials, development, rifles & carbines are detailed with cartridges, new data on models and accessories. Appendix has Snider correspondence, a glossary and comprehensive index. Deluxe presentation with red ribbon marker. A$50.00, US45.00, plus p&p
AUSTRALIAN ANTIQUE ARMS & HISTORY - The best of John Swinfield
Edited & Produced by Ian Skennerton
Hard cover with dust jacket, 312 pages, 12 x 8 in. A4 size, 500 photos including 8 colour plates.
Published in 2009, ISBN 978-0-949749-97-0.
From 1960, John was columnist for the 'Sporting Shooter' and then 'Guns Australia' periodicals. Also a record of collecting in Australia, the personalities, shows and so much more. Quality production on art paper with a heavy-duty jacket. 
A$49.50, US$40 plus p&p, LAST COPY
Hard cover edition, 9 x 6 in., 124 pp, 205 illust., dust jacket, 1988. ISBN 0 949749 11 7. 
200 years of service longarms and bayonets from colonial times through federation. Brown Bess,  percussion Enfield, Snider and Martini rifles & carbines, long and short Lee-Enfields to 7.62mm L1A1 and current 5.56mm F88 Steyr AUG. .
Was A$50.00, US40.00, OUT OF PRINT
An Armourer's Perspective: .303 No.4(T) SNIPER RIFLE and the Holland & Holland Connection’ Laidler & Skennerton 
Hard cover edition, 9 x 6 in., 126 pp, 80 illust., no dust jacket, 1993. ISBN 0 949749 17 6. 
In depth study of the WW2 British & Canadian No.4 (T) sniper rifle, accoutrements & accessories through to the 7.62mm L42A1 conversions.  OUT OF PRINT
Early soft cover edition fetches c.$100+, hard covers with dust jacket c.$200+  Only available on CD now

Skennerton & Stamps
Hard & soft cover ed's, 9 x 6 in., 126 pp, 80 illust., hard cover dust jacket, 1992. ISBN 0 949749 16 8. 
British service revolvers were made by contractors, primarily Webley. But in the 1920s, RSAF production began and variants introduced; WW2 production was farmed out to Scotland’s Albion works, a few were made by HAC in NSW, Australia during WW2 too. 
US$35.00 hc, US$25 pb plus pack & post
AU$40.00 hc, A$30.00 pb plus pack & post

See 'Small Arms Identification Series' page:
 .303 Rifle No. 1, S.M.L.E.  new reprint  [SAIS #1]
 .303 Rifle No. 4   new reprint [SAIS #2]
 .303 Rifle No. 5   reprinted [SAIS #4]
 .303 Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles  [SAIS #7]
 .455 Webley No.1 Revolvers  new reprint  [SAIS #9]
 .303 Rifle No.3, P'14 & sniper variants [SAIS #10]
 7.62mm L1 & C1 FAL Rifles out of print [SAIS #12]
 .450 & .303 Martini Rifles & Carbines  [SAIS #15]
 British Empire Cadet Training Rifles  [SAIS #16]
 7.62 L42A1, L39A1, L8 & 2A Conversion  [SAIS #18]
 Australian S.M.L.E. Variations out of print [SAIS #19]
 .577 Pattern 1853 Enfield & Snider  [SAIS #20]
 British Empire Sniper Rifles  [SAIS #22]
 Lee-Enfield Parts Catalogue  [SAIS #23]

DVD & Resources CD 2-disc Sets
#1 - .303 SMLE with Brian Labudda

#2 - Rifle No.4 & No.5 with Brian Labudda
#3 - S.L.R., the FAL with Kevin Adams

#4 - Full On ~ Full Auto 1 (British & US MGs)  
#5 - Full On ~ Full Auto 2 (German & Comblock)                  
See our new DVD-CD page...  
DVD & CD sets, the new digital media which makes the reference books so much easier to understand and to remember.

Independent Digital Studio,
Filmed, produced & edited by Ian Skennerton

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  Walther PP & PPK           .22 Ruger Mk I & Mk II
  .30 US Krag                     Carcano Rifle & Carbine
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  7.5mm Schmit-Rubin      Ruger Mini-14 .223
  Ruger 10/22                    Winchester Model 1892


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