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Forthcoming book on
Bergmann pistols.... I need numbers on actual pistols, please inform me of model, caliber, factory no., regimental markings, slot for stock, barrel length and everything unusual, sett trigger or anything else. If you know your pistol's history, or original user, please note that too.

For model designation, see Gun Digest 1973 or send me a photo. Danish, Spanish military Bergmann-Bayards always have two numbers. I don't record ownership but would like to contact you if I need additional information or a photo. I have around 300 numbers and have determined the number blocks for most of the models and deliveries.

Peter Rasmussen, Edelgavev 22A, Dk 2765 Smorum, Denmark
petermandrasmussen@mail.dk .

Looking for a No.32 scope carry tin and lens covers. Preferably original but a good repro would be accepted. Will buy swap. In Australia~ 0413 77 11 66. For international calls +61 413 771 166, we are 10 hours ahead of GMT (UK) or 15 hours ahead of east coast time, or 18 hours ahead of US west coast.
Or e-mail me : brettbradley1@optusnet.com.au

WW1 British
& German MG items, parts & accessories.... Also including anything to do with the Machine Gun Corps. Top price paid. Sqn. Ldr. Mark Finneran RAF at mark.finneran@hotmail.co.uk .

To buy... B.S.A. Lee-Speed commercial sporting rifles. Please e-mail with condition, price and pics.
I am always looking for parts for these commercial production Lee rifles as well.
Joe Morin (in Texas) at miatajoe@sbcglobal.net

The Southern Africa Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association, (Johannesburg, South Africa) has started a Web Page recording all currently known and possible South Africa and other African, Manufacturer, Ownership, Unit and Proof markings generally found on military equipment of all periods.
 It would be greatly appreciated if readers would visit this Page on our website at.. http://www.saaaca.org.za/links/markings.htm and see if they could perhaps help identify any of the markings shown or perhaps contribute new markings not recorded. 
Many thanks in anticipation ... Chris D Baragwanath (Webmaster) cbara@global.co.za  

WANTED... Any information, details, photographs, &c. for any small arms parts, Rifle No.1 Mk III & No. 4 parts manufactured in South Africa. All parts generally marked: DOW (Delfos Ordnance Works), DELFOS, SAR (South African Railways), may have the Union Defence Force ownership mark-  Broad Arrow in 'U'. Please contact... Chris D. Baragwanath, cbara@global.co.za 
or fax +27 11 792 1757 or telephone +27 83 700 5057 at any time.

### Searching for (collecting) No.32 scopes for the Lee-Enfield No.4 and 7.62mm L42A1. Please contact me if you have a Mk I, 2 or 3 scope available for sale or trade, or the L1A1 sight for 7.62 conversion. Harry Bindells htgm.bindels@worldonline.nl

### WW1 & WW2 era British & Commonwealth sniping equipment wanted ...  particularly REL No.32 Mks 1A, 2 & 3 scopes. Also Long Branch snipers rifles for C67 scope (already have the scope!) and any Great War sniping items & literature. German & US equipment also of interest   ... Happy to trade for items I need. Contact Roger Payne on fax: + 44 121 240 5192 or email roger@no4t.demon.co.uk  in UK.

'A CANLOAN OFFICER'  by R F Fendick      US$27.50  or  Can$35.00
Sometime CDN 453, Lieut., OC No.1 Platoon, A Coy., 2nd Btn., The Middlesex Regiment (DCO) 1944-45 
Memoir of a Canadian Junior Infantry Officer on Loan to the British Army for the Liberation of Europe. The author was a Canadian Army Infantry Officer who volunteered to serve with the British Army under CANLOAN scheme. He landed in Normandy on D+9 as a reinforcement officer and commanded a Medium Machinegun platoon of the 2nd Btn., the Middlesex Regiment (DCO), the Divisional Support Battalion of the 3rd British Infantry Division, from 23 June 1944 'til the end of the North West European campaign, with time out in hospital in August 1944 after being wounded. He spent a year in Occupation in Germany after VE Day with the 1/7th Bn Middlesex in the 51st Highland Division. 
Sft cover, 8.5 x 11 in., 321 pages, approx. 165 illust., many the author's own photos, documents pertaining to the CANLOAN Scheme and others received during the campaign. There are 14 maps, sections of originals used by the author in battle, full scale (printed b&w). A 52-page Appendix describes Vickers MG, fire control methods and MG platoon organization and equipment with illustrations of the gun and components and some fire-control instruments and accessories. 
Available from: LCol (Retd) R F Fendick, CD*, 25 Vaughan Dve, NAUWIGEWAUK, NB Canada E5N 6T9
E-mail: rfendick@nbnet.nb.ca

### Italian WW1 & WW2 militaria, POW items & souvenirs. Stefano Bassett, 
Via degli Orti 24, 1-38100 Trento, Italy or email: marte59@yahoo.it 



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