Enfield Collector— A more recent site set up by Ian Skennerton and Arms & Militaria Press. Due to heavy traffic at the skennerton.com website for the Archives and other information, this is being moved to the new Enfield Collector website. It is planned to post illustrations & technical details of wide range of Enfield rifles, carbines, pistols and bayonets here, from the early Enfield production in the mid-18th century, to current service firearms.
  Premier site addresses— Prime listing of sites with which we have reciprocal links, preferred sites with similar interests and collector orientation rather than being general trade or information sites per our recommended websites links. Integrated links here enable visitors to connect directly onto sites with just a click of the mouse. Spend a little time enjoying and browsing these particular sites ..... 
  Website addresses from 'Collector'— This is an regularly updated listing of the many international arms and militaria collector oriented websites. Visitors can browse through the list and connect onto sites, just with the click of your mouse. Saves your fingers on the keyboard and typing in wrong letters or numbers. Courtesy of the 'Collector' magazine ..... 
  Woman at Arms— The Woman at Arms 1993 calendar mixed guns ‘n’ gals. This temporary site features ordnance markings too along with a wider range of collectible arms. A promotional conversation topic for the new book, 'Broad Arrow - British & Empire Manufacture, Proof, Inspection, Armourer & Unit Issue Markings'. But there is no calendar now ...
  Simpson Ltd.— The largest collectors' firearms shop in the U.S. mid-west, at Galesburg in Illinois. Simpsons are also renowned for their specialist field in collectors Lugers and accessories; they also stock a good supply of reference books (including Skennerton titles). Also well established agent & importer for overseas consignments of firearms, to and from the United States.


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