A Treatise on the
                British Military Martini

                                                        Volume I

                       The Martini-Henry, 1869-c.1900

                                  by B.A. Temple & I.D. Skennerton


Authors’ Note                                                                                                              vi
Acknowledgments                                                                                                      vii
Nomenclature - Martini-Henry Arms                                                                        viii
Abbreviations                                                                                                                ix
Chapter 1
       Introduction, Select Committees, First Trials, Results                                         1
Chapter 2
       The Prize Competition, Accuracy Trials, Rapidity Trials, Recoil Trials,
        Penetration Trials, Fouling Trials, Trajectory Trials, Examinations                    9
Chapter 3
       Barrel Trials, Breech Mechanism Trials, the Bolt Actions, Summary
        & Results of Breech Trials, Comparison of Henry, Martini & Snider Arms     24
Chapter 4
       The Martini-Henry Rifle, Henry’s Rifling, Martini’s Patent, Martini vs
         Peabody, Martini vs Others                                                                                  38
Chapter 5
       Report of the Committee on Small Arms, Long Chamber Rifles, Trials
         of Bottleneck Cartridge, Cartridge Trials, Short Chamber Rifle Trials            53
Chapter 6
       More Long Chamber Trial Reports, Short Chamber Rifle, Final Approval       62
Chapter 7
       The various Trials Martinis illustrated & described in drawings & photos     69
Chapter 8
       Service pattern M.-H. Rifles, Elcho Bayonet Trials, Improved Rifles, &c.       85
Chapter 9
       Service problems with the M.-H., Fletcher’s Trigger Trials, Sighting Trials   100
Chapter 10
       Evolution of the Mk II Rifle, Service Rifle Mk I, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Patterns        111
Chapter 11
       Development of the first M.-H. Carbines, 1st - 6th Trials Patterns                  120
Chapter 12
       Development of Service Pattern M.-H. Carbine, Garrison Artillery Pattern   127
Chapter 13
       Carbine Conversions, Cavalry Mk I & Artillery Carbines Mks II & III          135
Chapter 14
       Martini-Henry Rifle Mark III, Alterations to Service Pattern Rifle                  142
Chapter 15
       Martini-Henry Rifle Mark IV, Patterns A, B & C. Original M.-H.R IV            145
Chapter 16
       .303-in. M.-H. Arms, M.-H. Rifles Mk V & Mk VI, Prototype Carbines        152
Appendix 1 through Appendix 24
       Original Reports & Summaries, Lists & Minutes of Committees                  162
Glossary                                                                                                                        239
Bibliography                                                                                                                 242
Index                                                                                                                               243



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